Stored Procedure in SQL

This article I will give you some basic syntax about stored procedure in SQL.

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Stored Procedure:

Stored Procedure is the prepared SQL codes that we can save, so the code can be reused over and over again.

It is suitable for some SQL queries we need to use frequently.

There are three kinds of stored procedure:

  • No parameter
  • One parameter
  • multiple parameters

* Stored Procedure (No parameter) Syntax

CREATE PROCEDURE procedure_name AS sql_statement GO EXEC procedure_name

* Stored Procedure (One parameter) Syntax

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[oneparameter] @ProductCatergoryID int AS SELECT *FROM Production.ProductCategoryID GO EXEC oneparameter @ProductCatergoryID = '4'

* Stored Procedure (multiparameter) Syntax

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[multiparameter] @ProductCategoryID int, @Name varchar(50) AS SELECT *FROM Production.ProductCategory pc WHERE pc.ProductCategoryID = @ProductCategoryID and pc.Name = @Name GO EXEC multiparameter @ProductCategoryID = '4', @Name = 'Accessories'

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Originally published at on August 20, 2019.

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