Jacqui W


  • Cristian Farias

    Cristian Farias

    Padre, informatico, aprendiz de data scientist y de fisico, enfocado en python y en los misterios del universo. #BigData #DataScience #IoT #MachineLearning #AI

  • Duc A Le

    Duc A Le

  • Elias Nordlinder

    Elias Nordlinder

    Business Intelligence Consultant. Previous MSc in Economics and Finance. Love problem solving/analytics and to teach data to other people.

  • Thakur Rahul Singh

    Thakur Rahul Singh

    Digital Marketer with a pinch of taste in Writing

  • Jake B

    Jake B

    Data enthusiast

  • Chloe Wong

    Chloe Wong

  • Lingchun Hu

    Lingchun Hu

    Experienced in Business Intelligence, Data Warehouse, ETL, Oracle cloud, Azure, Apache Spark, Data Bricks, Hadoop etc..

  • Jakes


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