Business Intelligence Tutorial

This blog is Business Intelligence tutorial, which contains lots of definitions and terms.

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There are three steps in Business Intelligence: Data forms, Data Warehouse and Reporting.

Data forms:

  • Structured: Standardized and easy for computers to read and query.
  • Semistructured
  • Unstructured: Not stored in rows and columns, so it can’t easily read by computers.

As we talked in previous blog, company data can be found in several locations, such as CRM programs, which is also shown in the picture below.

Data Warehouse:

Data warehouse uses a process (ETL, i.e., extract, transform and load) to standardize data, which allows it can be queried.

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How does information get to a central location?

ETL — — — ->Data Warehouse

Turning Data into Powerpoints (Business Intelligence Reporting)

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Originally published at on August 11, 2019.

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A current Data Analyst in a subsidiary under Webjet, with experience in applying data science techniques to business.

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