An Introduction to Power BI (Power BI 101)

This blog we will provide an introduction to Power BI.

It is a Microsoft business analytics service to provide interface to create reports and dashboards with interactive visualisations.

It has an advantage: easy to use (self service BI).

First of all, Power BI official guided learning material.

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It’s very structured and good training tutorial.

As I talk in previous blog about this learning platform, it is fun to get points and badge.

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What is the workflow of Power BI?

  • Bring data in using Power BI desktop, manipulate data and build reports.
  • Publish it to Power BI service.
  • Share reports and dashboards to others.

Here we go to the first step:

Download the Power BI desktop.

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Power BI desktop version provides data warehouse capabilities:

After we download it, we can find there are five panels in Power BI interface:

  • Fields: where the datasets
  • Data: view and manipulate the data
  • Reports: place visualizations to build reports
  • Dashboards: choose the graphs to use
  • Relationships: view/change relationships in the dataset

Through these panels, we can manipulate data and build reports.

Once the report is completed, we can publish it onto Power BI Service on the cloud.

Reference sources:

If you are interested in or have any problems with Power BI, feel free to contact me.

Or you can connect with me through my LinkedIn.

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